Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love your Locals

Okay, so I decided to start this blog because I was invited to a restaurant with my brother's family for my niece's birthday.  It was a large "chain" restaurant that has the reputation of having better food than most.  It was a nightmare.  The servers were rude.  The food was horrible and it was extremely expensive!!  My husband and I left the place baffled.  Why would we pay that much for food when the low-quality ingredients were probably shot up with chemicals, shipped from far away, and pre-prepared in a factory!

Now, I have two reasons for this blog:

1.  I've always found that I prefer "mom and pop" restaurants, boutiques and other establishments because the larger places make me feel like I'm in a herd of cattle or sheep, just doing what everyone else does.  I also don't like big crowds, big parking lots, and big lines.  I know I sound a little like Howard Stern right now, but he's right.  Sometimes the thought of going to a chain restaurant or a chain store makes me want to never leave home!
2.  I have a soft spot in my heart for small business owners.  They start with a dream.  They usually risk most or all of their money, sacrifice a lot or all of their time, and lose much or all of their sleep.  We all know that the percentage of how many small businesses fail is high.  Don't you want to support a business that actually cares about their product and wants you to be happy as a customer?

Don'tcha think we should slow down and enjoy our lives a little?  Live in the moment!

I will be making recommendations and reviews of local places that I visit.  Maybe you've already been there, maybe you've never heard of it.  Either way, it's a good way to connect to your city.

Get to know Nashville,

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  1. A girl after my own heart! Going local- eating fresh- love supporting small business owners- as my family is one, you guys are, and Beau and I hope to be! Really do love this- great idea!! I am following now- Can't wait to see what else you enlighten us with! You are going to make me want to go to Nashville all the time- not such a bad thing :)