Monday, December 12, 2011

A little East in the West

My friend from New York came in town today.  Hmmmm... where to take him for dinner?  He comes to Nashville once every few months so he's been to a lot of places.  What's new?  What's tasty?  
What's cool? I mean, he is a native Manhattanite after all... THE WILD HARE.  
The first time I went here I was thinking, "seriously?", it's not much to look at from the outside and you may fly right by it if you're going the speed limit.  I'm not knocking the west side of Nashville, but White Bridge Rd is not the first street that comes to mind when I think "culinary".  
Every time I've been to The Wild Hare, I've been greeted before I can get all the way in the door.  It's like they were expecting me.  They are so friendly that it makes me feel like I'm one of them (trust me, totally cool).  The employees have a hip vibe that I usually associate with East Nashville.  It's funny that they work in this little wooden house on White Bridge Rd.  
At night, the bar has a hang-out vibe that's very welcoming.  There's a long wooden table running through the middle of the restaurant where singles can sit or groups can share a table together.  Lunchtime is just as delicious, and it's such a casual vibe that I can bring my kids.  Killer mac 'n cheese!
Which brings me to the good part... the food.  First of all, I never eat deviled eggs except when someone is making them and forces me to try them to see if they need something.  I'm not a big fan of mayo.  The first time my husband and I went to The Wild Hare we ordered them.  I've gotten them every time since.  They are perfectly mild and topped with melted gouda.  Oh my gosh.  The eggs are even plated with some homemade pickled okra (one of my favs) and roasted red bell peppers.  MUST EAT.
The gourmet pizzas are topped with deliciously unique ingredients (or make your own).  The fat burgers are extremely satisfying and served with addictive french fries.
This was the special that night.  Panko crusted salmon over parmesan risotto and sauteed spinach.  Always a perfect combination.  I think I licked my plate.  
 Local produce is used in this tasty grilled vegetable salad with green goddess dressing.
Roasted chicken with a cranberry glaze.  Even the white meat was moist (I don't love that word but it has to be used in this instance).

Okay, I love brussel sprouts but even someone with an aversion to them would gobble these up!
That's mashed potatoes in the picture also.  Uh huh.  

Check out this joint and support another local business.

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