Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Warmth of Mexico

It was freezing on Sunday night.  I was meeting my friend Stacey for dinner to exchange Christmas gifts.  I wanted to go somewhere cozy and comforting.  
CHAGO'S CANTINA on Belmont Blvd.   The atmosphere is snug and I ordered a coffee with Bailey's to add to the warmth.  
This is not your typical numbered-meal Mexican place.  It's casual, cool vibe allows you to come here both for lunch or before a rocking night on the town.  It holds its own among the other hip places in small houses along the street.  
  Along with the chips and salsa they serve you, we ordered guacamole and we were going to order the queso dip, but then we saw the bean and queso dip.  
Okay, so I was going to take pictures of it, but I was so caught up in how good it was that we ate it all before I could get a pic.  That's embarrassing.  
The fresh guacamole is handmade to order and along with the salsa I was satisfied before we even ordered our entrees.  
We ordered enchiladas.  I got the vegetarian ones:  spinach, mushrooms and beans.  At a lot of Mexican restaurants when it says there is spinach in something, it usually comes with a tiny amount of canned spinach in it.  These enchiladas were stuffed full of fresh spinach and they were delicious.  You have a choice of salsa verde or salsa rojo and I chose the green.  Our very accommodating server suggested it.  He was right.  
There are many other specialties and a large list of tacos on the menu.  There's even a kids' menu.  It's authentic Mexican and there are a lot of interesting dishes, but if you just want a bean burrito, you can get that too.  

So, Here are the enchiladas.  They were so good that the next day I couldn't stop talking about them.  
My kids were annoyed at me.  
Because of the fact that my son Jack's favorite food is Mexican, I promised to take them here soon.
And I will keep that promise!
You must go.

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