Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Perfect Christmas

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said, "Take me to THE PERFECT PAIR".  Old Gringo, Vera Wang Lavender, Dolce Vita, Frye, and many other hip boots.  Jewelry from featured artists.  It's so unique that when you wear it you feel like an artist.  The store is really like Heaven for cool girls.
Every time you see owners Whitney Dunn and Casey Stribling they look good.  Not like they took all day to get ready, but how you would want to look every day if you could just get up and throw something on and be fabulous.
The shoes are not your typical, boring, everybody-has-them-already shoes.  If you buy something here you will ALWAYS get compliments on it every time you wear it.  Whether it's shoes, boots, jewelry or one of the soft leathery bags, you will look and feel as fabulous as owners Whitney and Casey when you have one of these on your being.

Luxury Rebel boots.  They are like boot origami.  You can fold the layers down in many ways to take on different looks or just leave them up.  loooooove.   Also love these cool gray beaded bracelets.  I like the St. Christopher medals on them.

Vera Wang Lavender wedge boots.  so comfortable.  Check out the cool zipper detail on the back.

Leather and pearl necklaces: tough yet sweet.   Wear them with t-shirts.

I love this store because they are always changing brands and mixing things up.  They literally just buy what they love & trust me, it's all cool.

Shop local,

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