Friday, January 20, 2012

My Secret Sushi Place

Okay, I really don't want to tell anyone about this place, because I go here when I want to get away and have a nice, quiet, delicious meal.  But it really isn't fair to not talk about it.
The atmosphere is calm.
The sushi is fresh.
mine.  mine.  mine!
Okay, here goes:  Zumi sushi Japanese kitchen.  It's on Belcourt Ave in Hillsboro Village.

Some of my favorite appetizers are the sauteed edamame and the avocado tempura.  If you like spicy (REAL spicy) the thai fighter soup is fantastic!
All the sushi is fresh and delicious.  I love the black and gold which is topped with spicy krab and the red dragon which has a sweetness to it that's addictive.

Zumi is great for kids too.  They have a kids menu, but my boys usually only order crunchy shrimp and cali crunch rolls.

My daughter always orders plain noodles which drives me crazy since I'm a flavor hog.  She loves the chocolate chip cookie that comes with the kid's meal.

When it's gray and cold outside and I don't feel like cooking, I pick my kids up from school and say, "Suprise!  We are going to zumi!"  That brightens everyone's dreary day.  Especially mine.

Get on a local roll.

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  1. Loved Zumi--Dying to go back and have that avocado tempura- yum!