Thursday, January 12, 2012


What can I say about this place?  SAN ANTONIO TACO COMPANY is legendary.  If you are or were a college student in Nashville then it's almost a requirement to hang out here.  Maybe because it's the best hang-over food in town.  Don't expect anything fancy.  This place is a dive in the best possible sense of the word.    Somehow I will never tire of or outgrow this place.  I started going here when I was in college and I still frequent it once a week.

Some favorite tacos are the bean and cheese, the crispy, and the chicken fajita.  The enchiladas are comforting to the tummy and the cheese dip is a necessity.

My friend and I claim that we are the reason they finally put bowls of wing sauce and ranch on the menu.
I went through a seven year phase that started in college where I wasn't eating meat.  I had been thoroughly grossed-out and swore it off (a story for another blog).  I loved the taste of chicken wings but didn't want the chicken.  My friend and I would ask for wing sauce and ranch on the side of our tacos and we would  proceed to dip our tortilla chips in them.  Don't knock it...  At first, the employees would look at us like we had jalapenos growing out of our heads, but since we were in that place once a week (AT LEAST), they began to get used to our strange request and even started expecting it.  But there was one problem:  they were giving us small ramekins of sauce and ranch which are hard to dip in.  We asked for larger bowls.  A few years later it showed up as an option on the menu.  Of course, my friend Beauchamp mocks me for thinking it's all because of me, but I stand by my claim.  I still order my two old friends:  sauce and ranch, but now I drizzle them on my tacos.  yum!
And I ate there today for lunch.

Disclaimer:  My meat-free phase was not a health-based decision, obviously.  I was eating wing sauce and ranch!

Eat some local sauce.

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  1. :) love us some SATCO! College throwback. I give you full credit for the wing sauce- which is a brilliant & now necessary addition to my fav bean and cheese taco!